Our office provides legal advice through a distinguished team of legal advisors. Al Noor Advocates & Legal Consultancy is one of the most up-to-date law firms using the latest modern technology. In this fast-paced era, every human being needs to know his or her rights, duties and legal position towards a given matter or issue very quickly and accurately.

Therefore we have taken this into consideration and we have not restricted ourselves to the traditional ways of communicating with our eager clients to take legal advice on a subject. Traditionally, any customer with legal counsel should go to the specialized law office. As for us, the matter is different, you can send legal advice to our office through the site explaining all the details related to it, and one of our specialists will consult and provide legal opinion supported by the texts of the Koran and then send it to you by e-mail or fax, taking into account the confidentiality of all data and information contained in the consultation.